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About Martin Brooks Rare Plant Nursery
 What Is A Rare Plant?

What is a rare plant? Quality and beauty or special interest are givens. A simple definition is that a rare plant is one that is difficult to get for a variety of reasons, and these reasons help show why it is worth the effort to obtain them.

A plant may be rare because it is little grown because it is difficult to propagate or cultivate. Perhaps it just hasn't attracted the popularity it deserves because its virtues are too subtle for the average grower. A fleeting sort of rarity occurs when the plant or variety is very neew, just discovered or introduced. Often such a plant is an improvement or unusual variation on a well known theme: better fruit or foliage color, increased hardiness, variegated foliage or differently colored flowers, a pendulous habit rather than the normal upright form. A rare plant may have the added attraction of a history of a pedigree, like a descendent of Bartram's Franklin tree (Franklinia Alatamaha) or of cuttings of other plants passed from grower to grower across the world. *